Eclipse Fest 23


Fun & Vendors

3 full days of activities, games, prizes, dancing, tasting, shopping, and interacting with other eclipse chasers. Check out our daily itinerary for activities that are added all the time. You will need a bracelet to enter the festival. Don’t miss a minute and purchase the All Festival Pass, which includes a Smash Mouth concert ticket.
Want to be a vendor at the event? Fill out our Vendor Application.


Settle in at one of our tent or RV pull-through spaces. Although this is a dry camping/boondocking environment, we have portable bathrooms and wash stations in the camping area. Enjoy the great outdoors and stay close to all the fun in the private camping area.
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Food & Drink

Enjoy local cuisine, ethnic food, fair-type food, and delectable treats from Breakfast to Dinner. Also, for our guests 21+, join us in the Beer Garden for craft beer from three local brewers.
All food and drink items will require tokens. Visit one of our token booths onsite to purchase your tokens.
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With hit songs like All-Star, Walking on the Sun, Then the Morning Comes, and Can’t Get Enough of You Baby, you won’t be able to get enough of Smash Mouth at EclipseFest 23.

Saturday, October 14 @ 6:30 p.m. Purchase tickets here.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are my ticket options?

The All-Festival Pass gives you access to all four days of festival activities, including the Smash Mouth concert. Daily passes are also available. There are also Concert Only tickets. Should you purchase one of those, you will need to also purchase a Concert Parking Pass if you are driving a vehicle to the concert. We’re also offering a on-site camping spots just a short walk from the stage and festival area. Early Bird Camping is Tuesday through Sunday. General Camping is Thursday through Sunday.

Note: Those with Concert Only tickets will not be allowed entry into the festival before 5 p.m.

What's included with my ticket?

An All-Festival Pass to EclipseFest23 gives you general admission to all three days of the festival, including:

– All areas, amenities and activities
– The vendor and artisan area
– Food vendors
– The bar area (21+ only)
– Free parking
– Plus re-entry all weekend long

Are tickets refundable?

In the unlikely case that we have to cancel EclipseFest23, we’ll refund your ticket. Although Klamath County is known for its clear skies, we cannot guarantee a clear sky for the day of the eclipse. No other refunds will be issued.

Will tickets prices or camping prices go up at any point?

Currently Early Bird pricing is in effect. Ticket and camping prices will go up. This is a common practice for concerts, sporting events and festivals these days.

Do I need my pass on all four days?

You’ll need your mobile ticket at check-in. After that, your wristband becomes your ticket, so don’t remove it until the festival ends on Sunday.

Are kids allowed? do they need a ticket?

Children are welcome! Ages 2 and under are FREE with a ticket-holding adult. Ages 3+ will need a Kids ticket for any day they enter the festival, as well as the concert.


Will there be access for individuals with disabilities?

We offer ADA parking with a state-issued license plate or hang tag, as well as ADA bathroom access at the festival. If you require a service animal, please email us in advance at and keep in mind that it must stay on a leash.

Will there be parking at the festival?

Yes, and festival parking is free at EclipseFest23 this year. Should you be coming for the Concert only, you will need a Concert Parking Pass. Parking is included in All-Festival Pass and Daily Passes.

Do I need my ID to enter the festival?

You’ll need your digital ticket the first time you enter and your wristband for any time after. You will also need a government-issued ID, driver’s license or passport to enter the bar area to prove you’re over 21 if you want to drink alcohol at the festival.

Is there re-entry into the festival

Yes, you may come and go from the festival with your festival wristband, but will be subject to search with each re-entry.

Will there be photography and filming at the festival?

Yes! Please note that by being at the festival, you consent to your image, voice and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in photos and/or videos being taken by EclipseFest23 and its partners for use in any number of future promotional efforts, which may include websites, social media and other media. You also release EclipseFest23 and its partners, as well as its/their successors and licensees, from any liability of any nature.


Are camping chairs allowed?

You’re welcome to bring folding camping chairs inside the music area of the festival.

Can I bring an umbrella or sunshade?

No umbrellas or sunshades are allowed. Ponchos are welcome in case it happens to rain.

Will there be a lost-and-found?

Yes! If you don’t see it, ask a festival employee or volunteer where to find it. If you realize you’ve lost something after the festival, email us at and we’ll let you know if we found it.

Can I smoke at the festival?

No. Due to being in the forest, there will be no smoking, including vaping allowed in the festival.


Will there be security guards on site?

Yes. We’ll have trained security guards around the festival and campground.

Will there be first aid?

Definitely! The first aid tent will be clearly marked, and any festival employee or volunteer will be able to point you in the right direction.

Will bags or vehicles be searched?

Every person, bag and vehicle are subject to search upon arrival at EclipseFest23. If you refuse to be searched, you won’t be allowed to enter the festival and we won’t be able to refund you. This goes for the campground as well.

Are dogs allowed inside the festival?

NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE MUSIC AREA OR VENDOR AREA OF THE FESTIVAL. HOWEVER, IF YOU’RE STAYING IN A RESERVED CAMPING SPOT ON THE PROPERTY, YOUR DOG IS ALLOWED WITHIN THE CAMPGROUND ONLY, AND MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES. If your dog shows aggressive behavior or is not on a leash, you’ll be asked to leave the festival property. If you require a service animal, please email us in advance at and keep in mind that it must stay on a leash.

Where's the nearest medical facility?

Sky Lakes Medical Center is located at 2865 Daggett Avenue, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Learn more at


Will there be food at the festival?

Absolutely. We’ll have a variety of food trucks at EclipseFest23 during the hours of the festival Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as some breakfast options Sunday morning.

Will there be water stations and other beverages?

Please bring your own water bottles into the festival. You’ll also be able to buy sodas and such from our food trucks, and individuals 21+ will be able to buy and drink alcohol in designated areas.

Will alcohol be served at the festival?

Yes! But, of course, only for those with a government ID showing that they’re 21+, and only in designated 21+ areas.

Will there will vegtarial and/or gluten-free food?

There will be vegetarian and gluten-free options in some of our food trucks. Please email us at if you have severe food allergies and would like to bring a snack that suits your needs to the festival.

Will there be eclipsefest23 merch for sale?

Absolutely. Lots!

What will my payment options be at the festival?

Food and drink vendors will only accept tokens as payment. Purchase your tokens at our token booths inside the festival. Our merch tent and artisan vendors will accept credit and debit cards. Some may also accept cash, but there are no guarantees.

Will you have ATMs on site?

No, but you’ll find one nearby in Klamath Falls.

Will there be cell service or wireless inernet at the festival?

Cell phone service can be spotty in the area around Crater Lake National Park depending on your provider, so plan accordingly. No internet service will be provided at the festival, but many cell providers show the festival site as a serviceable area.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the festival, but if you reserve one of our limited-availability camping spots on site, you can bring your own food and drinks into that area. If you have severe food allergies and would like to bring a snack that suits your needs to the festival, email us at

Will there be bathrooms at the festival?

We’ll have port-a-potties and wash stations around the property during the festival. But no showers, etc.


Does camping cost extra?

Yes. All camping spots have a separate price from your event passes. Camping prices are subject to change, just like ticket prices.

Will there be water, Power hookups or dumpsters in the campground?

There’s only dry camping at EclipseFest23, with no water, power or sewer hookups in the campground. We’ll have a dumpster on site for depositing your collected trash. Please bring everything you need with you to the campground and pack out everything you pack in. DO NOT attempt to dump onsite.

What are the campground rules?

– Be cool to your camp neighbors.
– Keep it quiet after 10pm.
– Don’t drive over 5mph on the property.
– Fires are not allowed.
– Manage your own trash. Then put it in the dumpster.
– Dogs must be on leash at all times.
– No fireworks or explosives whatsoever.
– No generators—unless you’re in an RV spot, and only between 1am to 10pm.
– No cigarettes
– No illegal substances of any kind.
– No firearms, weapons or other projectile items of any kind, including but not limited to: BB guns, air guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, sling shots, archery, pistols and rifles.
– No excessive noise. A small music speaker is okay, but please respect your neighbors when using it.
– Don’t dump or drain gray or black water anywhere on the property.

Will there be bathrooms in the campground?

Yes, there will be plenty of port-a-potties and wash stations throughout the festival and campground areas. But no showers, etc.


Are camping spots assigned? or first-come, first-served?

If you purchase a camping spot on the festival property, you will be directed to your spot upon arrival.

How many people can stay in my camping spot?

Up to six people are allowed. Additional guest spots can be purchased, as well as additional vehicle spaces.

Can I park my vehicle in my on-site camping spot?

Yes. If you’ve reserved an on-site camping spot at the festival, you may park your car in that spot. Only one vehicle is allowed per camping spot.

Will bags or vehicles be searched?

Every person, bag and vehicle is subject to search upon arrival at EclipseFest23. If you refuse to be searched, you won’t be allowed to enter the festival and we won’t be able to refund you. This goes for the campground as well. You’ll be subject to search every time you go back and forth between your camping spot and the festival.

is there a vehicle size limit for camping?

If your vehicle can fit in the dimensions of a camping spot without touching the next spot, it’s allowed.

Can I have a generator in my camping spot?

Generators are only allowed in RV camping spots, and only between the hours of 9am and 10pm.

Can I have a campfire in my camping spot?

Fires are not allowed

Can I have a gas stove in my camping spot?


Can I bring my own food and drinks to the campground?

Yes! But no outside food or drinks are allowed inside the music or vendor area of the festival.

Will there be trash cans in the campground?

No, but we’ll have a dumpster on site for your collected trash.

Can I go back and forth between my camping spot and the festival throughout the weekend?

On-site campers may come and go from their camping spots and the festival with their passes, but will be subject to search with each re-entry.


Are you accepting vendors or exhibitors for EclipseFest23?

Yes! Please complete the Vendor Application or Food Vendor Application. (Please have these link to the applications)

What will the weather be like?

Typically it’s in the 60s and 70x during the day and mid-30s at night in Klamath County October.

Is the festival rain or shine?

It sure is! And while no umbrellas are allowed, you can bring a poncho to prepare for the unlikely case of rain.

Can I take pictures and video at the festival?

You can take photos and video with a smartphone or a small point-and-shoot camera. Just not with any sort of professional audio or video recording device, and no detachable lenses, tripods, GoPros, mounts, drones, etc. are allowed.

What if I have other questions about the festival?

Ask away at